Products & Services

Specialised legal- and compliance services

– Anti corruption laws and regulations
– National and international court cases
– Contracts and policies compliance
– Anticorruption program  (and elements)
– Whistleblower development and services, including privacy compliance
– Background checks from international experts

Public procurement:
– Public procurement laws and regulations
– Advisory services regarding tenders
– Tailor-made procurements programs

ICT and Privacy.
– Criminal ICT Law and regulations
– Privacy laws and regulations
– Privacy ombudsmann services

Competition Law:
– Competition law compliance
– Compliance programs

Consultant- and practical services:
– Lectures
– Dilemma training
– Best practice mitigations

International relations and customs in an anti-corruption perspective:
-Cultural aspects
-Specialised dilemmas and training

Background checks and integrity due dilligence:
-Information from public registres
-Other local information

International inquiries and compensation services:
– Securing of values
– Asset tracing

 With the services from The Law firm Compliancepartner you will get:
– A one-stop shop for all your anticorruption- and related services.
– Specialized advice in strategic and operational compliance matters.
– An opportunity to be a big customer in a small law firm instead of a small customer at a big firm – meaning: A close and exclusive follow-up from a dedicated lawyer.